Gladfields Chocolate Malt – 1kg Sealed Bag


Gladfield NZ Dark Chocolate Malt – Is dark in colour & light on astringency due to a unique roasting technique. It has a lovely coffee / chocolate aroma & is a big hit in Stout & Porter

Gladfield Dark Chocolate is a Darker version of chocloate malt.

Roasted at a lower temperature & lighter in colour to a Chocolate Malt.

This malt has deep coffee, chocolate & roast flavours.

A great addition to Stout & Porter.


**Please note whether you would like you grain milled or unmilled**

Gladfields Chocolate Malt

What is it?

Dark malt in colour and light on astringency.

How does it taste?

Dark chocolate & medium roast coffee notes.

What does it add to the beer?

Smooth roast flavours and deep, dark, rich colours.

Typical Beer Styles:

Porters, Stouts, Dark Ales.

Typical Usage Rates:

Up to 10%


(max) %


– Fine Dry

Wort Colour




4.5711200 – 15001300

Additional information

Weight1.1 kg


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