Prestige Essences – 45 Liqueur

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Craft your own luxurious ‘Liqueur 43’ inspired beverage with our ‘Liqueur 45 – Prestige’ essence. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned connoisseurs, this essence combines easily with vodka or white spirit, alongside Ezibase Liqueur & Schnapps or white sugar, to create a rich, aromatic 750ml bottle of homemade liqueur. Elevate your home bar with this exquisite, smooth-tasting addition

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Elevate your home bar collection with our exquisite “Liqueur 45 – Prestige” essence, a premium choice for connoisseurs aspiring to recreate the luxurious taste of the iconic ‘Liqueur 43’. This meticulously crafted essence is your gateway to a world of sophisticated flavors, designed to make a full 750ml bottle of top-tier liqueur.

To indulge in the rich, aromatic blend of this delightful liqueur, simply combine the contents of this essence with 250ml of Ezibase Liqueur & Schnapps. For an alternative approach, blend with 250g of fine white sugar, then fill up with your choice of vodka or white spirit in a 750ml bottle. The result? A perfectly balanced, smooth liqueur that mirrors the renowned commercial standard, right from the comfort of your home.

Ideal for sipping neat, over ice, or as a versatile component in your favorite cocktails, “Liqueur 45 – Prestige” promises an unparalleled taste experience. Add this to your home brew repertoire and savor the essence of premium liqueur craftsmanship with every sip.


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