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What Awaits You:

1. The Partial Brewing Process:

Guided by Mick’s expertise, you’ll engage in:

  • Grain Selection and Preparation: Learn how to select the perfect grains, weigh them accurately, and understand the impact of grain types on your beer’s flavor profile.
  • Mashing and Sparging Techniques: Explore the nuances of mashing and sparging, including temperature control and efficiency maximization.
  • Integrating Malt Extracts: Discover how to combine liquid or dry malt extracts with your grain bill for a complex and layered beer.

2. Advanced Brewing Skills:

Each step of the brewing process is an opportunity to learn:

  • Hop Addition and Boil Dynamics: Understand the timing of hop additions for bitterness, flavor, and aroma, and how boil duration affects your brew.
  • Fermentation Insights: Dive into fermentation science, including yeast selection and monitoring fermentation progress.

3. Educational Journey:

The workshop is as much about learning as it is about brewing:

  • Interactive Learning: Engage in discussions about the history and evolution of brewing styles.
  • Problem Solving: Mick will share insights on troubleshooting common brewing issues.

4. Tasting and Pairing:

Experience the joy of tasting:

  • Beer Tasting Session: Learn to identify and appreciate various flavor notes and styles.
  • Food Pairing: Enjoy a selection of German sausages, handpicked to complement the beers.

Workshop Details:

  • Frequency: Once a month.
  • Duration: [Time Duration]
  • Location: [Workshop Location]
  • Cost: [Price] (includes brewing materials, beer tasting, and food)

Become Part of Our Brewing Community:

This workshop isn’t just about brewing; it’s about building friendships and sharing a passion. Join Mick and fellow brewing enthusiasts in a journey of discovery and enjoyment.

Secure Your Spot:

Limited to a small group for a personalized experience. Book now to reserve your place in this unique brewing adventure.

We look forward to brewing with you and exploring the rich world of beer together!


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