GRAINFATHER G Series Brewery Systems

Original price was: $1,235.00.Current price is: $1,099.00.

The 3 best homebreweries made in AU/NZ.

NEWS FLASH: The G3 has been upgraded to a version 3!!

Shipping available to anywhere in Australia just ring us for a quote. (Avg: $50- $70)

NB; atm we have a display model (used once in the HB workshop) for only $699!!! GET IN QUICK

Available on backorder


The pinnacle in Australasian Brewery setups, Grainfather systems are the leading edge in upper end Homebreweries.

The G Series is Grainfather’s most advanced brewing systems that allows you to control your brewing from the Grainfather app. With notifications thru the app, brewing at home couldn’t be any easier.

The G series breweries comes in 3 different sizes; G30, G40 & G70

G30(version 3);   $1099

G40;                       $1500

G70;                       $1989


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