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At Burleigh Homebrew we have a regular Home-brewing workshop that will give you firsthand experience on how to homebrew at home and where to start.

The workshop entails basic extract brewing and moves on to undertaking a partial brew where we will demonstrate all the processes of milling grain, steeping and doing a boil and adding the hops to create the brew.

Each workshop is carried out on a Saturday arvo, commencing at 1pm. There will be a sausage sizzle at the end with beer tastings.

If you are interested in attending feel free to send us an email with your name and mobile number. We’ll text you a week or so prior to the Saturday the next one’s on and you can confirm whether you are available to attend.

Numbers are limited, so we need to receive a reply if you are coming. Alternately If you can’t come, we need to know so we can invite the next person in line. We will then just put you down for the next workshop.